Tree Trimming

If trees aren't properly cared for and pruned, they can get very top-heavy and possibly lean or become damaged. They drink a lot of water, and that excess water weight goes to the top. If they are leaning already, or do not have strong roots, that extra weight can cause them to topple unexpectedly when put under stress such as from erosion or high winds. Other problems can occur when the tree gets diseased, and slowly hollows out and rots inside without a clue, but the outside looks healthy. In some situations, erosion of soil, or root rot from continuously wet ground and poor drainage will cause the supporting roots of the tree to mold and deteriorate, and result in a dangerous situation. TREES BY MIKE can provide regular maintenance services, helping our customers to retain the value and beauty of their trees.

Tree Removal

Trees By Mike has the experience to safely remove diseased and dangerous trees from your property. There are numerous reasons why a property owner may come to us to remove trees. One reason that some owner's tell us, is that they simply does not want the liability of a tree falling onto their property, or fear the tree will fall onto a neighbors property. Other property owners, tell us that they wanted the tree removed in order to regain their scenic view and access to sunlight. Whatever your reason, we have many years of experience doing very large tree removals, and can help you do the job in a safe manner.
Stump Removal Image

Stump Removal

If you are looking to remove an unsightly large tree stump from your property, or simply want to reclaim more room for something else, you've definitely come to the right place. We can effectively help you remove the large root ball underneath the dead stump in order to make room for the living roots of your new tree.

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