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Tree Care Calendar

TREES BY MIKE, Inc. is committed to providing our customers comprehensive and up-to-date tree care information. This calendar will help you decide when to take appropriate action with the different types of trees here in the valley.

Arizona Tree Varieties

Keep in mind when choosing your trees that supplemental irrigation is a must for most trees. Heat loving trees like Palo Verde, Ironwood, Desert Willow, Chilean Mesquite, and Sissoo are good choices for our subtropical climate. Other varieties native to Arizona or suitable for our climate include Chitalpa, Sweet Acacia, Arizona Ash, Fragrant Ash, Eucalyptus, Queen Palm, Canary Island Date Palm, Mexican Blue Palm, and Fan Palms.

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Great Western Sales provides an economically viable alternative to synthetic fertilizers and growing methods. We are proud to say Great Western Sales is our supplier of Organic Gem products and supplies.

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